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Elite Technical
(Outfield+ GKs)

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Pay per session $15, or $100 for 8 week block

Age and ability

These sessions are open to youth players of 12+ who have experience in the game and are looking to receive Elite level coaching to further enhance and develop their individual technique. *These sessions are not aimed at beginner level.

Open to boys and girls – groups will be created based on skill level, age and development stage.


The Academy technical sessions are also offered to Goalkeepers. Our GK coach will offer the same philosophy of coaching sessions and style for any GK’s who may be looking to further refine their goalkeeping techniques. Through developing good technique and allowing repetition with individual coaching GK’s will be able to enhance their ability in the key techniques essential to this very specific position. Sessions will include the following topics:

Shot stopping – footwork, movement, handling, and range
Crossing – timing, footwork, body shape, handling and range
Distribution – receiving with feet, building the play, and kicking from ground and hands
1v1 – positioning, timing, body position, and contact


All of these sessions will be taken by full-time ODU Soccer coaches who hold UEFA, and USSF coaching qualifications at elite levels and are currently working at the Division 1 level. Our staff will dedicate these sessions to the individual development of correct technique through all aspects important to the game of soccer.


All sessions will take place on Old Dominion soccer fields.


These sessions are aimed at enhancing the individual players’ technical ability to enable them to further develop within their own club environment. Our philosophy for these sessions is based on individual player focus. Please note these sessions are not high intensity – our focus is purely on skill development through teaching and repetition of good technique.

Often club coaches do not have enough time to dedicate to coaching each individual player technically as much as they would like to due to time constraints or the preparation of the full team for competition. Our aim is to therefore provide technical sessions that allow us to work with players in an individual basis to develop their own technical ability across all of the fundamental techniques required to excel in soccer. These sessions are therefore aimed at complimenting the club training environment.

Please note these sessions are not high intensity as we recognize players may have games the following weekend. The focus is purely in correcting and developing technique. 


The following skills and techniques will be those focused on throughout the sessions. Each session will focus on a ball centered warm up including individual skills and movements. There will then be two 30 minute blocks focusing on two specific techniques every session.


Individual ball movement: turns, 1v1 skills, timing and approach
Receiving and control: on the move, various surfaces, preparation touch out of pressure
Passing: inside, outside, instep, bending the ball, driven and fading passes
Striking: preparation of touch, space, and striking technique for power
Heading: timing, body shape, defensive and attacking techniques

Kids Camp

“I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve, not only to please the coach and the fans, but also to feel satisfied with myself. It is my conviction that there are no limits to learning, and that it can never stop, no matter what our age."

Cristiano Ronaldo

8 Sessions



Pay Per Session ($15 each)

Email us at soccerfutures@gmail.com to reserve a place in these sessions


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